Videos and Animations

The Coronation of Robert the Bruce

A re-enactment of the coronation of King Robert. Made in 2006 and filmed at Dunfermline Abbey by Herald Events and Films.

The Declaration of Arbroath

Scotland's declaration of independence dating from 1320.

The Bruce Festival

Combat re-enactment and jousting from the Bruce Festival in Dunfermline.

The Burning of Dunfermline Abbey

King Edward departs from Dunfermline after spending the winter in the town.

The Battle of Inverurie

A major battle in the north east of Scotland during the Bruce's campaign against the Comyns.

King Robert the Bruce and the Spider

As King Robert the Bruce hides from his enemies in a cave, he sees a tiny spider spinning its web...

Bruce and Comyn

Robert Bruce meets his rival for the crown of Scotland in Greyfriars kirk in Dumfries...

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