Edward Bruce in Ireland 1315 - 1318

700 years ago the Bruces embarked on a military campaign in Ireland. This page will reveal that story, piece by piece, over the coming months using written text, animation and other media.

In 1315 Edward Bruce, brother of King Robert, led an army of around 6000 men on a campaign in Ireland. It is said that Edward may have been encouraged by Irish nobles to go to Ireland and lead them as their King, but also that King Robert wanted to prevent any attack by Edward II via Ireland. Whatever the motivations behind the Bruces' move into Ireland, the campaign would have far reaching significance to Ireland.

Sir Edward Bruce the Earl of Carrick,
Who was bolder than a leopard,
and had no desire to be at peace,
Thought Scotland too small for his brother and himself;
Therefore he set his purpose to be King of Ireland...

John Barbour's Bruce, 1375

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