Tales of Bruce & Wallace

Tales of Bruce and Wallace comic

7 stories of the Scottish Wars

This brand new collection of stories from Maximized Comics features the Bannockburn and Guardians of Scotland stories in a single volume with an additional 5 short stories of the Scottish Wars of Independence.

  • Guardians of Scotland (Wallace and Moray)
  • The Battle of the Bell o' the Brae
  • Robert the Bruce and the Spider
  • The Capture of Edinburgh Castle
  • The Roxburgh Raid
  • Fighting Farmers (Linlithgow Castle)
  • Bannockburn

88 pages. ISBN 9781788087711

Available to purchase from Maximized Comics

King Robert the Bruce

This site is all about King Robert the Bruce, one of Scotland's most famous kings, who led his army to victory at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. The site has many interactive features such as games and videos that brings this period of history to life. Most children in Scotland learn about this important period of history in both Primary and Secondary schools, and this site is used by many teachers in their classrooms. The site is also home to the comic book King Robert the Bruce and the Wars of Independence which retells the story of Robert Bruce's rise to the throne and the Battle of Bannockburn in a very accessible and visual way.

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